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Homework Help: Show by using Torricelli's law

  1. Nov 21, 2016 #1
    • Member warned that the homework template must be used
    A cone-shaped water tank is given by [tex]V(h)=\pi(h-\frac{h^2}{3}+\frac{h^3}{27})[/tex]

    Show using Torricelli's law law that [tex]
    -2\sqrt2\pi(\frac{1}{\sqrt{h}}-\frac{2}{3}\sqrt h+\frac{1}{9}h^{3/2})\frac{dh}{dt}=1[/tex]

    What I have done so far: [tex]
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    There must be more to the question statement. The given formula for V only tells you something about the shape of the vessel. The thing to be proved has the depth varying with time. Is there fluid flowing in? Out? Through what orifice?
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