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Shutdown Technic

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    I have a p4 compaq hp desktop o/s win98 SE in a good condition. The thing is every time when i try to shutdown i doesn'nt shutdown compleately instead it remain showing screen windows 98 is shuting down.I have already try to change a couple of things but i couldn't make it!! I use to shutdown manually by pressing the power button,By doing this in a long run will it cause another problem like demage my HDD? Any answer will be verry helpfull to this site especially for begeners like me.THANKS
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    There will be no long run effects since the harddrive has been turned off. I think the problem has to do with win98 se not supporting the acpi of your motherboard. The best solution would be to upgrade. Why do you have windows 98 se for a p4?
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    That's a kniwn problem in 98 SE. Hit the return key a couple of times. Goto annoyances.org and you'll find a lot of responses to this problem.

    Good luck.

    PS, have you thought about switching to Linux?
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    Its a real bear of a problem and might be unsolvable - I recommend a newer OS too.
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    Here is information and patches from Microsoft (who are well aware of the problem).

    Windows 98 Second Edition Mapped Drives Shutdown Update
    This update resolves a shutdown issue in Windows 98 Second Edition, where Windows may stop responding if there are a significant number of mapped network drives on your computer. The larger the number of drives that are mapped, the more likely the problem may occur.

    Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement
    Addresses shutdown issues on systems with specific hardware/software configurations running Windows 98 Second Edition. These issues include systems restarting when selecting shutdown and systems hanging on shutdown. NOTE: This supplement has been updated as of November, 1999. Please install this latest version. http://www.microsoft.com/windows98/downloads/contents/WURecommended/S_WUFeatured/Win98SE/Default.asp

    It has been my experience that the shutdown patch doesn’t always help. Considering the CPU in your system I’m surprised it didn’t come bundled with winXP. I would recommend doing what Russ suggested and move to a newer OS.

    Good luck
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