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Si -> Silicidation, Ge -> Germanidation, III-V (i.e. GaAs) -> ?

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    Si -> Silicidation, Ge -> Germanidation, III-V (i.e. GaAs) -> ???


    i'm new in this forums and not sure whether to post this under electrical engineering or chemical engineering, since it's a material based question regarding an electron device.

    Here goes:

    For Si MOS devices utilising a schottky source/drain, the metal, i.e. Pt, is e-beam evaporated on the Si surface and later silicided to form a schottky contact of PtSi/Si. If i were to replace the Si with a III-V compound, for example GaAs, what would be the "silicidation" process be called, and what compound will the metal form with the III-V compound?

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