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Signals in He-3 detector

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    Does all the signals detected by He-3 detector caused by neutrons?
    When the He(n,p)t reaction occurs, will proton cause any secondary x-ray photons since it de-accelerates in matter.
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    Think about the ionization energies of hydrogen (13.6 eV) and helium (1st 24.6 eV, 2nd 54.4 eV) so they will be UV or very soft X-rays, which would not ionize He atoms. Look at the emission or line spectra of H and He.

    The combined energy of the p and t is the Q-value, 764 keV, with 573 keV to the proton and 191 keV to the triton). When they neutralize, the photons from them (t,p) are quite low in energy. More energetic gamma-rays and X-rays can originate in the metal wall or anode of the detector, if the t or p hit the anode or wall, and of course, they can originate from outside the detector.

    Neutron detectors, including He-3: http://web.mit.edu/8.13/www/JLExperiments/38/tgm-neutron-detectors.pdf

    Read up on gas-filled proportional counters and their sensitivity, or insensitivity, to X-rays and gamma-rays.



    Gamma-ray detectors - http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/n/n1/panda/00326398.pdf
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