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Silica suspension for protective application

  1. Aug 9, 2008 #1
    i've 1 project for my thesis. its about polymer dispersion in the protective application....

    i've 2 option of material
    1. PMMA+ PEG

    u guys thinks which one is better...............
    i need some opinions from u guys............

    anyway i from malaysia
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    What is your protective application? What are you protecting against? If you are trying to protect a surface exposed to hard UV rays the answer will be different than if you are trying to protect a surface from moisture.
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    i'm focus on polymer dispersion based shear thickening fluid-fabric for protection application... such as sport pads n body armor........

    but i was not used neat kevlar for the fabric but i want used neat nylon n cotton.....
    even i know the strength of the kevlar is slightly higher than nylon n cotton.....
    in the malaysia,,,buy the excellent kevlar for my thesis is impossible because of the its price.......

    so, what do u think chemistree...... i needs a guide from u for doing right thing in my thesis......
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