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Silicon Properties

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    So I'm doing research with MEMs so we're going to be making silicon wafers that will have little cantilever beams on them which will act as an accelerometer. I need to design it so the beams break at certain forces but to do that I need the yield strength of silicon (that is the correct property isn't it?) and I can't find it anywhere. I'm thinking maybe pure silicon is not the material thats used in MEMs so if someone could point me in the direction to where I could find those mechanical properties that'd be awesome! Thanks

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    Here's a good source:

    http://parts.jpl.nasa.gov/docs/JPL%20PUB%2099-1D.pdf [Broken]
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    Silicon doesn't yield; it's brittle, so it fractures. And just like any brittle material, its tensile strength is very sensitive to surface properties and defects. That's why you'll probably find a large range of reported values for tensile strength, and why you'll probably be disappointed if you expect your structures to break reliably at a certain load every time.

    You might find Cook's "Strength and sharp contact fracture of silicon," J Mater Sci 41 (2006) to be useful.
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