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Similarities / Differences between Computer Science and Computational Science

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    As stated in the title, what are some similarities and differences between computer science and computational science? More specifically, as it pertains to graduate programs. From what I gather, computational science is a little more applied while computer science is more theoretical. Is this correct?

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    Theoretical vs. applied is a bit uninformative separation. Both disciplines have their theoretical grounds and the actual application development concerns and there's much overlap between computer science and computational science, because most research areas and results touch both.

    I think the biggest difference will be in what the research is generally oriented to. Computational science mainly strives to study and solve and develop computational/mathematical methods for solving real world scientific and engineering problems using computer simulation. Computer science is mainly concerned with foundations of computing e.g. information handling, programming languages, operating systems, AI etc. Computational science research is also primarily multidisciplinary, whereas computer science research may not be.
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    The difference between computer science and computational physics is just like the difference between pure mathematics and mathematical physics. One is theoretical, the other applies the theory to other subjects.

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