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Homework Help: Simple but cant solve it

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    Can someone show me in steps how to manipulate this formula in attachement to obtain 1/(sqr(w^2+4)? Thanks

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    jack action

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    The two equations are not equal. Just replace w by any value and you'll see that both equations give different answers.
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    The best you can really get is:

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    You must have made a typo. The expression should be,

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    Hmm, thats quite possible. Then how to get that solution?
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    Well I can't just give you the answer, you need to show an attempt at solving the problem first.

    But I can give you some hints, you can most certainly find the answer by using a combination of these rules:


    [tex]\sqrt{a^2b}=|a|\sqrt{b}[/tex] (the |a| means the positive of a, but remember that for any real number n, n2 is always positive).



    Good luck! :smile:
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    Hello, I am sorry but it just does not work. What am I doing work? Thanks

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    You're adding fractions, but you're multiplying numerators.
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    AAA, stupid me:) Thanks
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