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Homework Help: Simple calculus

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    41. Find the Horizontal Asymptotes for17x/(x^4+1)^1/4 The answer I got is 17 and –17 . Can anyone correct me if I’m wrong?

    62. f(x)= 4x^3+13x^2+11x+24 / x+3 when x<-3f(x)= 3x^2+3x+A when -3 less than or equal to xWhat is A in order for it to be continuous at -3?I don’t understand the top function but the bottom function I know is that I need to figure out the top and then make it equal to each other to find what A is since it only needs direct substitution

    79. f is continous at (-inf, + inf)f(y) = cy+3 range is (-inf,3)f(y) = cy^2-3 range is (3,+inf)what is C?C= 1 Am I correct?I did c(3)+3 and c(3^2)-3 and set them equal to each other and got 1.

    81. Let f(x) = {2x^2+3 x -65) / (x-5)Show that f(x) has a removable discontinuity at x=5 and determine what value for f(5) would make f(x) continuous at x=5.Must define f(5)=The answer is 23? First I factored it and made it into 2x+13 and used direct substitution.Thanks for yoru time !
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    Bump (10char) help please, this is dealing with asymptotes, polynomials and basically limits.
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