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Simple derivative question

  1. Jan 28, 2006 #1
    What is the derivative of:

    The teacher wrote 4TAN^3(x) + sec^2(3x)(3) but i think he made a mistake.

    I know that tan^4(3x) = tan(3x)^4 and that this equals 4tan(3x) in algebra
    When I derive this i get the following: sec^2(3x)(3) i'm not sure what to do with the coefficient 4. Can someone give me the exact derivative formula to work this term out so I can copy it down plz.

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    nevermind i got it. You need to use the generalized power rule:
    [u(x)]^n => n*u^(n-1)*u'
    tan(3x)^4 => 4*tan(3x)^3*sec^2(3x)(3)
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