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Simple harmonic motion of coil spring

  1. Jul 22, 2008 #1
    hi i ned a little help with this problem plz.

    An object is connectedto a 100 coil spring, that is hanging from the ceiling. The spring stretches by 0,160m.
    What is the spring constant?

    Im not sure how to go about with this...is the force 100????

    plz help. Thanks
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    Not enough info - they don't give you the force unless they give you the weight of the object...
  4. Jul 23, 2008 #3

    hi... My lecturer says that there is a concept in the following, however icannot come across any literature to substantiate it.

    If you have a 100 coil spring,and an object of unknown mass is attached to the bottom of it, it will stretch by 0.100m.

    If the spring is then cut into half, i,e you will now have two springs of 50 coils each, nad the same object is attached to the bottom of both the springs. By howmuch will each spring now stretch?

    thank you
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    Please don't start multiple threads on the same topic. Threads merged. Also, we have a homework secton.

    Also, we require students to make an effort to solve the problem - we don't just hand-out answers. So - what have you tried? What equations do you know for how springs work?
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