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Homework Help: Simple Harmonic Motion

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    A body with SHM has a velocity of 1.3 m/s at a distance of 1.0m from the mean position, and a velocity of 1.0 m/s at a distance of 1.3m from the mean position. Find:

    a) The amplitude of the motion.
    b) The velocity of the mid-position.
    c) The time elapsed between the instants when the body is moving at 1.0 m/s and when it is moving at 1.3 m/s.

    Can any one help me, I have been looking on the internet for formulas but I keep getting websites with different ones & dont know which ones to use. Do I need to draw a graph to answer any part of the question too cheers :)
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    Doc Al

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    Hints: Start with the equation for position as a function of time:
    x = A sin(ωt)

    How would you write the speed as a function of time?
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