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Homework Help: Simple harmonic oscillation question

  1. Nov 14, 2006 #1
    the displacement of a simple harmonic oscillator versus time is
    described by the function x = Asin(wt + phi)

    find the speed when the displacement is sqrt(3) A/2

    the answer is piA/2 but I have no idea how the professor got it...

    the function for the velocity at point x in our book is

    v_x_ = -wAsin(wt + phi)

    for some reason it is hard for me to associate the position x with the speed... is there a formula that gives the velocity by just plugging in x?

    I just also found a diagram that gives T = 2s which I didn't see before
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    Hint -- Try to use conservation of energy.
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    ohhhh right

    v_x_ = +-w sqrt(A^2 - x^2)

    I got it from here, thanks alot!!
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