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Simple Mohr's Circle Question - Axis scales?

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    I'm just wondering about using a Mohr's Circle, do I need to use the same scale for the x and y axes, as surely otherwise my choice of scale greatly impacts the results.

    I am using one to get my principle second moment of areas, Ix and Iy, for an equal L section.

    Ix and Iy are where the Mohr's circle cross the x axis, but depending on my scale this can vary hugely!

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice?


    Note: This is when the two points on my Mohr's circle have the same value on the x-axis, so when I join them up I have a vertical line.
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    I realise this was slightly confusing but this is what I mean:

    Here are 2 different Mohr's Circles, that cross the x-axis at different places just based on the scales.

    So which is correct?

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/630750/Screen%20Shot%202012-01-04%20at%2021.48.12.png [Broken]

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/630750/Screen%20Shot%202012-01-04%20at%2021.48.44.png [Broken]
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    Roomie: The x and y axes should have the same scale. I think neither of your Mohr's circles currently look correct. (1) Put the centre of Mohr's circle at (x, y) = [0.5(Ix + Iy), 0]. (2) Plot point A at (x, y) = (Ix, -Ixy), which is a point on Mohr's circle. (3) Draw the circle passing through point A. (4) Now you can see the points where Mohr's circle crosses the x axis, which are I1 and I2.
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