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Homework Help: Simple transistor circuit question

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    http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/6515/circuitf.jpg [Broken]
    Theres the circuit i have. Vdd = 10 V, Vtn = 2 V, Kn = .22 mA/V^2, Rg1 = 1.01 Mohm, Rg2 = 1.06 Mohm, Rd = 6kOhm, Rs = 5kOhm.

    Im trying to figure out how to compute the drain current Id. As well as the drain voltage Vd and the source voltage Vs, but Id is priority.

    Can anyone help?

    [EDIT] I have figured out the gate voltage across the transistor to be 5.12077 V, therefore putting the transistor in saturation mode.
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    Does this link help?


    You will have two simultaneous equations, I believe. The Vgs depends on the Id, which depends on Vgs.
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