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Simple volume density problem

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    [SOLVED] Simple volume density problem..

    Hello, my college is some how affiliated with utexas so we gotta do all our
    physics probs online and submit them to utexas... the problem is that if i
    get 51.12 and the correct answer is 50.3 (tolerance 1%) then i get it

    So heres 1 problem were i keep on getting same answer but according to
    website its wrong:
    http://f0rk.com/~dmitri/prob.jpg [Broken]

    can someone gimme correct answer please, i keep on getting 25.59 and its

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    Well, I'm getting a different answer.

    Can you post your work so we can see where the problem is?
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    Volume_top_part=1.07m x .00517m x .168m = .000929m^3
    Volume_middle_part=1.07 x .00517m x .276m = .001527m^3


    density of iron is 7560 kg/m^3


    is that correct?
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    ok i found my mistake.. i got 25.162 (thats correct i think)

    also i ran into a problem while finding the amount of iron atoms in that mass...

    my equation is:
    avogadros number: 6.022x10^23
    atomic mass (iron): 55.85

    25.162 x ((6.022x10^23)/55.85) = 2.713E+23
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    Yeah, you were counting the intersection of the T's twice. The trick is to count the top and bottom, and then use h-2d instead of h for the height of the center piece.

    For the next part, the atomic mass* Avogadros number is number per gram, and you are working with kilograms.

    Always keep the units in your equations. If in doubt, make sure they all cancel. That is the #A1 "gotcha" for all intro level science classes.

    Welcome to Physicsforums, BTW
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    If you submit that answer my class you would still be wrong. Notice that most of the given numbers have only 3 siginificant digits. That is the most that you can have in your answer. The above number simply shows you used a calculator, it should read 25.2, given the numbers used to generate it.
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