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Simulated many preamps from the web on TINA

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    I simulated many preamps from the web on TINA and none of the circuits show proper results
    am I doing something wrong or preamps can't be simulated? I tried transistor and opamp ones.
    here is an example.
    For some reason the component values are not there after I save the file.
    here is the link "http://cds.linear.com/docs/Datasheet/lt1115fa.pdf" [Broken]

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    Re: preamps

    I don't use TINA but, in any SPICE based engine, you can troubleshoot your circuit by replacing the Op Amps with voltage controlled voltage sources. Make their gains 100000. If it works, you have a problem with your Op Amp models. If it does not, there is a problem with the program itself. A VCVS with high gain acts as an ideal Op Amp.

    It is difficult to read the schematic. On my screen the connections appear yellow on white. Cannot see the dots as well. Please repost with black connections.
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    Re: preamps

    I don't see your negative supply to the op-amp.
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    Re: preamps

    It's there, it's just connected incorrectly to the top amp. The supply wires need to be reversed on it.
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