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Single switch for two items

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    hello every one
    i was wondering what type of switch should i use if i wanted to use two items namely a cd drive and a cassette player motor. both of them are connected to two seperate power supplies which means two positve wires and two negative wires. i want to use that type of selector switch which can select between the cd drive and the motor and one selection for off position.
    can any body advise and also send me a pic and wiring diagram of the switch if any.
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    You need a Double Pole Double Throw Centre-Off type. Turning it one way will connect wires A & B together. The other way will connect wires C & D. The middle position leaves no contact at all.
    I'll get into Paint in a while here and do up a sketch.

    edit: No I won't. W's machine, which I'm working on now, doesn't have it. It'll have to wait until I can do it on the Mac and transfer it over to post.
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