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Slight off-topic question regarding Columbia

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    I'm asking for a friend, does anyone know approximately when the railroads were built in Columbia?
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    Columbia, where?

    Or do you mean the nation of Colombia in South America?

    And do you mean modern type railroads with steel rails?

    The earliest railroads were horse drawn on wooden or stone tracks, in Wales and England.

    Steam locomotion was introduced in England around 1813.
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    Gotta apologize for my typo there.
    I would think my friend meant modern steam-powered railroads. You see, we are working on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude for our literary study, and my friend is working on comparing the history of Colombia with the events in the novel, so she asked me for some advice on the railroad thing.
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    Here is a start. The first railroad in North America — the Baltimore & Ohio —was chartered by Baltimore merchants in 1827.

    from - http://guide.appetitenet.com/index.jsp?cid=48243&action=viewLocation&formId=87793 [Broken]
    In 1846, Colombia signed a treaty permitting the USA to construct a railway across the isthmus and to defend it with military force. The French attempted to build a canal (The Panama Canal) in 1880, but the project failed. The US then became invovled.
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    Thank you, I appreciate your help. :smile:
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