1. pahizix

    Admissions Do I have a strong enough profile for applied math grad school?

    Hi All, I just completed a degree in physics and (pure) math and I am planning on applying to grad school in the fall. I'm mostly interested in applying to physics graduate programs, but I was wondering if my background was strong enough to the following applied math programs: Stony Brook...
  2. AndresPB

    Programs Medical Physics Graduate Programs

    Good night to all, I would really appreciate if everyone could give me their opinions on: MS in Medical Physics in Duke University MS in Medical Physics in Columbia University MS in Medical Physics in Vanderbilt University MS in Medical Physics in Cleveland State University Ph.D in Radiological...
  3. N

    Programs Is the ivy league education worth it for a physics major?

    Good Afternoon. My name is Nicolas Beltran. I am a high school student who would really like your advice on an issue I have. It has always been my dream to study physics, however I never saw it as a feasible choice because in my country, Colombia, there are little to few options in which true...