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Smallest cycle time for electronics

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    I'm just getting properly into electronics. I'm curious as to how fast an analogue circuit can operate. I'm trying to make a circuit which can send an ultrasonic pulse but I need the pulse to operate only for 1/100th of a millisecond. Is it practical or even possible for ordinary electronic circuits to operate as quickly as this or am I asking too much of it?

    I'd appreciate any help that could be offered:wink:
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    well, 100Mhz rate is not that high, a lot of circuits can handle those speeds. Just be sure to check specs for the components before u start building. So you know that they are capable of operating at such frequencies. Are you planning to use transistors in your design? HS switching transistors are capable of ns switching time, so don't worry ;)
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    Yay! Cheers pal, needed a bit of re-assuring before getting started. Thanks again :wink:
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    Antoker needs some glasses - the required pulse are 1/100th millisecond. Not 1/100th microsecond.

    This pulse rep rate is comfortably within the capabilitiy of the standard 555 timer circuit which is good for 300KHz. For a data sheet look up NE555. You shouldnt have any trouble finding application info either.
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    They made solid state transistor amp at about 600 GHz.
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    Well, i missed k with M, sorry about that.
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