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Smolin's in depth perspective on Einstein, man and mind (NYRB)

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    The New York Review of Books got Lee Smolin to do a 10-page review of a handful of recent Einstein books.
    It's definitely stereoscopic (3D). with a sense of the complex personality.

    nice to see the oversimplified popular images countered


    Mark Trodden of Cosmic Variance blog was struck by how preceptive the NYRB piece was and posted about it.
    "Smolin on Einstein in The New York Review of Books"

    So there is currently discussion in the CV comments about Smolin's take on Einstein.

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    Chris Hillman

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    Some good and not so good Einstein-related books

    Whee! I missed that, thanks for bringing it to our attention, marcus!

    I have to dislike all of those books (discounting the Collected Works, obviously) except for the books by Pais and Galison. In fact everyone interested in relativity should read Galison's book.

    Some surprising ommissions: the biography by Folsing, the book Einstein in Berlin by Levenson, and the collection of essays My Einstein. Of these I think the last is by far the most interesting.
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