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So essentially a resistor eats up/throws away energy?

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    I understand that a resistor can lower current flow at the expense of heat.
    So essentially a resistor eats up/throws away energy?
    Isn't there a better way to change current flow without throwing away energy?
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    Use a voltage source of lower voltage?
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    Yep, resistors turn energy into heat.

    Sometimes the desired result is heat, say a toaster or room heater, so saying that energy is thrown away is incorrect.

    In other cases a resistor can reduce the total energy consumed, so you have to look at the big picture.

    In some cases alternate methods are used, for example switching power supplies.
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    You can also use transistors to affect current flow. You'll still have power dissipated, though.
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    It is also possible that a resistor (or several of them) will supply a load to a power supply such that that power supply can supply a regulated drain instead of appearing like a high drain or a dead short.
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