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So I'm writing a paper

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    So I'm writing a paper on why seatbelts are dangerous

    Hello all,
    I just started here and I am writing a 10 page paper on why seatbelts are dangerous. I am using the concenpts of Newton's First Law, Impulse, and Momentum. I can not stray away from those unless it proves my thesis as to why seatbelts are dangerous. The thing I need help with is that this paper does have stuff about what goes on in class, but I need stuff to add for what goes on outside of class. Like..what information can I add? I have demos we had in class..but I don't know how to stray away from our class topic without sort of disproving my thesis. I need some suggestions as to what I can do. I wanted to try suggesting alternatives or different models for the seatbelt but I really need help! I don't want to fail!!
    Thanks all!

    I need this as soon as possible!
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    You mean why they're dangerous if worn improperly?
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    Yes. If a person has too much impact with the belt, or if there is a malfunction, they can be severely injured.
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    What grade are you in? What school? Can you please post a link to your assignment? Is this a real assignment, or are you just told to take an advocacy position, even thought it is clearly wrong?
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    Statistically, seat belts are safer than no seat belts by an extremely large portion... Maybe you can write your paper on why they weren't safe in the few examples or what?

    When I think of Newton's laws and impulse, it's obvious that seatbelts help...A LOT
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    About the only thing you could possibly mention are the facts that a person has been known to be trapped after an accident by the belt system. Also, there is usually a severe amount of bruising that is caused by the belt in an accident a lot of times. That, however is much beeter outcome than going through the windshield or hitting the dashboard at 60 mph.

    I guess wearing them improperly could mean wrapping them around your neck...that could be dangerous.

    Who gave you the topic for this paper?
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    I ahve often argued that putting seatbelts on school busses would be more dangerous than without them. This is particularly because school kids would more likely be wearing them incorrectly (the same busses are used for elementary, middle, and high school kids). Using Newton's laws, busses would be safer if they were made to be more massive; I pity the other car though.
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