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In summary, a study conducted in Italy found that male tollbooth workers may be infertile. This sparked a conversation about possible reasons for this phenomenon, including a potential link to sitting at a computer desk for extended periods of time. The mention of Adam Sandler's "Tollbooth Willie" song added a humorous twist to the discussion.
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Is there some sort of legend about tollbooth guys or something (hence nickname).
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Someone told me once that sitting at your computer table all day exposed your 'nads' to emissions which could cause your sperm to become 'slow'. I don't know what the research on this matter might have to say, but if it were true what do you want to bet that the men of PF would be willing to compromise slow-sperm-counts for high-post-counts?
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Well, Adam Sandler had a track on a Cd called "Tollbooth Willie", and I thought that the name had some relevance, if you twist its meaning.

About the computer thing, hey, at least you have less chance of accidentally getting someone pregnant.

What is "So much for Tollbooth Willie"?

"So much for Tollbooth Willie" is a comedic sketch performed by Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. It features a character named Tollbooth Willie who works at a tollbooth and interacts with various drivers in a humorous manner.

Who is Tollbooth Willie?

Tollbooth Willie is a fictional character created and portrayed by Adam Sandler. He is a tollbooth worker with a thick New York accent and a mischievous sense of humor.

When was "So much for Tollbooth Willie" first performed?

"So much for Tollbooth Willie" was first performed by Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live on December 7, 1991. It was part of the episode hosted by Rob Morrow.

Is Tollbooth Willie based on a real person?

No, Tollbooth Willie is a fictional character created by Adam Sandler. However, the sketch is based on the real-life experiences of Sandler's father, who worked as a toll collector in New York.

Is "So much for Tollbooth Willie" still performed today?

No, "So much for Tollbooth Willie" was a one-time sketch performed on Saturday Night Live. However, it remains a popular and memorable moment in the show's history and can be found on various online platforms.

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