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Sodium monohydrogen phosphate

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    [SOLVED] Sodium monohydrogen phosphate

    In a question, I came across the compound sodium monohydrogen phosphate. It only gave the name and so I needed to work out the formula.

    The real forumla is Na2 H (PO4). I am wonderin about the bonding of this molecule. Phosphate has a -3 charge. H could accept or give away an electron right? And the sodiums are metals, which want to give away an electron each.

    How do they bond together? How could I work out that forumla knowing this?

    Cheers folk, I am not an expert on chemistry! :)
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    There is one hydrogen bond to an oxygen of phosphate and two ionic bonds to sodium cation with two other oxygens of phosphate.
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    Ah yea I see it now, very simple. Thanks.
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