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Solid modeling FEA analysis

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    Dear fellow engineers,

    I resently posted my resume and got several reactions good for me bla bla...
    Question. Which modeling sofware (Pro-E, Catia, Solidworks) and which stress analysis (FEA) program is best and most used. I like pro_E. It seems that everybody is using something else and every employer wants something else.

    Any suggestions or comments??

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    Everyone has their own opinions. Fact is that you will not find one single piece of software that everyone will say that is perfect and that you should know. They all follow the same basic ideas and methods. Learn what you have access to and if an employer wants you to learn a different one, do it on the job. If you know one, learning the interface of another is not that difficult.

    BTW...I use Pro/E and ANSYS.
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    I use Pro/E and Solidworks + Ansys Abaqus.
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