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Solutions to the string theory landscape

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    Are there any solutions (ways to avoid/get rid of) to the string theory landscape besides the anthropic principle and comological natural selection?
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    But if the landscape is real (ie. string theory is the true theory of everything for a wide range of energies around the Planck scale), should it be considered a problem?
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    It is fair to say that because of AdS/CFT we know that part of the string landscape is "real". In other words, different asymptotically AdS vacua are dual to different quantum field theories of which we know many examples. Put yet another way, the landscape of string theory, or at least a corner of it, appears to be dual to the landscape of quantum phases of matter. Since in our world many different phases of matter are realized in different locations at different times, we have some sanity check that the landscape is not an insane idea. I would hope it goes without saying, but I shall say it anyway, that this does not imply that the landscape is a good model of cosmological physics in our universe.
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    I didn't ask if the landscape was good/real. I asked for alternatives to it.

    Please answer the question.
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    Perhaps a solution would be not to use calabi-yau manifolds. They are, after all, (one of) the way(s) string theorist get rid of the extra dimensions. But do we really need them? Perhaps not. Twistor string theory uses (super)twistor space, which is unique (correct me if this is wrong). Furthermore, twistors are backround independent, or close to backround independence. That would be a good thing for string theorists. I do not understand why twistor string theory didn´t got more attention.
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