Some Google Things You Never Knew About

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In summary, Google is fascinating. It has a vast amount of information that can be found through its different search engines and websites. It also has a variety of tools and shortcuts that can be found on its website.
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Google is fascinating !
Now all people (or most of them) think that google is simply a search engine ... well it is more than that !
The other day i was extremely bored, and started to browse the google site, and was shocked by what google provides !

Ever heard of Froogle ?
The site that provides you with sales from all other sites !

Ever heard of the Google Answers ?
Just ask anything and experts will answer for a low price (the idea is good, but i didn't like it !).

Ever heard of the Google Special Search ?
Well try it now !

Ever heard of the Google University Search ?
A big directory of universities world-widely (i think)

Ever heard of the Google Viewer ?
You don't need to open a million window to see all the results of google anymore ! [Broken]

Ever heard of the Google Glossary ?
Mainly ... a glossary ... but by Google. [Broken]

Ever heard of Google Voice Search ?
Use your phone to find pages on the web ! Very exciting technology. [Broken]

Ever heard of the Google Keyboard Shortcut ?
Drop your mouse when you are on google :smile: [Broken]

Now, the most exciting one !
Ever heard of Google Sets ?
Give it some elements in a set, and it will give you more elements of the same set ! [Broken]

Tell me what you think ? Isn't Google exciting ?
(And you must also read about the GoogleBot !)
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Computer science news on
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These are really fantastic! Can you know any about ?
Or any other sites speciality ?
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The best must be[/URL]
[QUOTE] will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.[/QUOTE]
For example, entering Boulderhead gave:
boulderhead is correct

Physic forums:
physics forums is the web's premier science community
physics forums is olsolete
physics forums is the best page of internet
physics forums is expanding towards more content based features
physics forums is a good science based site

Lots of stuff, including: moni is a 7 year old bay mule with medium bone [really?]

And fz returned a page and a half of gibberish... All lies of course
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I only got one thing for BoulderHead;

Googlism for: boulderhead

boulderhead is correct

...but hey, who am I to complain?

Check out FZ;

Googlism for: fz

fz is for
fz is also for
fz is pretty light in the gimmicks department too
fz is available in sweden as a 0
fz is in fact the sum of a force fz1 over ring 1 plus a force fz2 over ring 2
fz is the same
fz is de zwaartekracht uitgedrukt in n
fz is attached to net
fz is revealing in just the right places
fz is the center value
fz is
fz is easy to
fz is up
fz is back up
fz is customized for the individual need of our customers
fz is namelijk altijd serieus
fz is de piccolo voor de hoge regionen
fz is indeed able to activate a wnt pathway
fz is needed for the propagation of a signal along the proximal distal axis of the wing
fz is unsure whether it was john or yoko who made the editorial decisions
fz is the most powerful four
fz is the grazing
fz is activated by an unidentified extracellular ligand
fz is required for planar polarity
fz is the father of the famous rock group mothers of invention
fz is manufactured to any desired height
fz is missing this little inverted fork
fz is very easy
fz is anti
fz is saying that the cowbell is a musical instrument that gets people excited
fz is not active
fz is a linear function
fz is in compression
fz is good at playing the friendly host ignoring the stiff official behaviour of show
fz is responsible for organizing the polarity of each facet of the drosophila compound eye
fz is superior
fz is less than 3
fz is only for input; creation of files is a strictly sequential process
fz is used exclusively in 'channeled mode'
fz is an exiting data file on the desy
fz is the input
fz is now 2
fz is based on the regression of wells and coppersmith
fz is unclear on this issue
fz is an example output file generated by conv from sample
fz is the most sophisticated version of the zaku in the "one year war era"
fz is required to produce a dsh overexpression phenotype
fz is playing that very busy bass part on "other side
fz is often simpler
fz is in kn
fz is er tot en met 1995
fz is not quite it
fz is an older
fz is out
fz is abstract
fz is the module devoted to the float
fz is probably not for "the "squeamish
fz is the most powerful 91 four
fz is considered a part of the republic of croatia customs area and the firms and products are entitled to customs exemptions pursuant to articles 27
fz is also associated with loss of episodic memory and with impulsive violence
fz is described in
fz is in town
fz is playing back
fz is a depth
fz is just all the same stuff they
fz is what we should be doing with the web
fz is a horn drive
fz is a risky proposition for some
fz is also removed down
fz is advisor
fz is the real text is usually weirder than the mistaken text
fz is enough to warrant inclusion
fz is important for the communication of a planar polarity signal from proximal to distal cells
fz is on a full 360 basis
fz is "down in france"
fz is formed
fz is on a full 360° basis
fz is in s
fz is then
fz is not credited
fz is a poly
fz is necessary to orient the axis of polarity of the pi cell but is not required to establish planar asymmetry per se
fz is larger at the poles
fz is not used in
fz is the dynamic vertical load on the wheel

...Man oh man, some of those are really funny!
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I tried that Googlism for my name here at the site and got the following list, I just had to point out a couple that I think are funny:

artman is active for 92 (scary because I am actually 45)

artman is a typical teen (also scary because I am actually 45)

artman is holding a joint (no comment)

artman is thick (usually)

artman is recovering from his ordeal (much better now thank you.)

artman is still chipper in her room (also no comment)

artman is watching

artman is around (makes it easier to watch)

artman is dead sexy (I love Googlism!)

Fun stuff. I spend a lot of time looking through google and I still hadn't ever tried this till now.
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artman is the computer coordinator and the person in charge of all internet activities.

That's very valuable information to know!
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artman is the computer coordinator and the person in charge of all internet activities.

It's good to be da king.
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It seems no one other than me is interested in the breakthrough of the Google Sets ... anyway !

Googlism for STAii

staii is age of empires in spaaaace
staii is then through the engine

(well, it seems i am only in some kind of 'startrek' of the net :wink:)
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more googlisms...

j-man is right
j-man is the java implementation of the popular game bomberman
j-man is a valid answer to these problems
j-man is possessed
j-man is by no means a speed demon
j-man is
j-man is that you already know how they come out
j-man is god and he thinks about sex
j-man is on the loose
j-man is coming your way
j-man is going to be setting up a donation fund for my bail money
j-man is due back on Earth at any minute
j-man is a genius
j-man is a singer who adds something extra to the mr
j-man is that weg is not big on the whole electronic infiniverse idea
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Here is more about me, but this time the real name not nick name

sinan is single and this easily explains the very comfortable and serene look of a pair of dunlavy sc4 sitting in his main
sinan is a partner in the antitrust practice group resident in the brussels office
sinan is a noted authority on marketing
sinan is one of the most important architects of the 16th century in turkey and the father of the ottoman classical
sinan is particularly remembered for his magnificent domed ottoman turkish mosques
sinan is the national network of organisations involved in infant feeding & child nutrition issues
sinan is one of the longest aqueducts within turkey
sinan is my classmate who is friendly
sinan is hun huisvriend
sinan is an excellent place to search for historical relics
sinan is estimated to chinese's trading ship heading for japanese
sinan is remembered more for his role as of director of building
sinan is doing all the work himself
sinan is rather limited
sinan is my primary source for answers to questions ranging from "who killed genghis khan?" to "what exactly is the space/time
sinan is credited with over a hundred
sinan is the greatest and most renowned in turkish architectural history
sinan is drawn from the referenced source
sinan is not greek origin but armenian origin
sinan is trained as a therapist at the academy of applied hypnosis
sinan is an excellent place to search for historical relics as well as a place to enjoy views and many resorts
sinan is playing a black/blue deck with a splash of red
sinan is located on the street's corner of bakarevica street and hulusina street on bistrik
sinan is a turk
sinan is a product of anatolian
sinan is the editor
sinan is probably one of the saints of the world
sinan is a male
sinan is the rustem paþa mosque
sinan is a specialist about town planning due to site of the mosque
sinan is alfa owner from istanbul
sinan is a turkish national living in turkey who speaks english
sinan is located across from the mosque of süleyman the magnificent and it is a simple but stylish tomb for the
sinan is
sinan is grad gegangen
sinan is better known for his al souleimanyia mosque in istanbul
sinan is transported via bapetco's 270
sinan is wandering the elen forest
sinan is a second generation turkish immigrant
sinan is a young
sinan is a former surface warfare officer and six wing helicopter pilot of the us navy
sinan is a former surface warfare officer and six
sinan is a member in the following organizations
sinan is the
sinan is shrimp pimp
sinan is van turkse afkomst en woont in amsterdam
sinan is the founder of arabic pediatric surgeons association
sinan is 5 years younger than me and my sister suzan is 9 years younger than me
sinan is attending the uni
sinan is concerned for his department with social science being listed as an elective and not as a requirement
sinan is a former surface warfare officer and six wing
sinan is the most splendid
sinan is up to something and encourages his brother to hide from the assassins
sinan is a fan of cimbom too
sinan is from china derek thompson
sinan is one
sinan is a 4th grader at the british international school
sinan is aiming for a gold in next summer's olympic games in sydney
sinan is now a pro boxer
sinan is technically a druse village
sinan is reported to have taken a full course on isma'ili theology and philosophy at the
sinan is best known for his blue mosque in istanbul
sinan is reported to have taken a full course on ismaili theology and philosophy at the
sinan is backing guitar/vocals/keyboard
sinan is architect
sinan is over 360
sinan is the greatest and incomparable architect of the ottoman empire and suleymaniye is his best work in istanbul
sinan is responsible for running safe and highly developmental expeditions within the uk
sinan is een jonge acteur van koerdisch
sinan is often remembered for his two major commissions
sinan is the symbol of the town
sinan is also active on merger work in collaboration with the firm's european offices
sinan is available from aaa
sinan is widely regarded as a design genius and the creator of the most beautiful islamic architecture

1. What are some surprising facts about Google?

Some surprising facts about Google include that it was originally called "Backrub," the company's first headquarters was a rented garage, and the search engine was created as part of a research project at Stanford University.

2. How many searches does Google handle per day?

As of 2021, Google processes over 5.6 billion searches per day, which translates to over 63,000 searches per second.

3. How does Google make money?

Google makes the majority of its revenue through advertising, particularly through its search and display advertising platforms. It also generates revenue through other products and services such as Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google Play.

4. What is the most searched term on Google?

According to Google's Year in Search 2020 report, the most searched term globally was "coronavirus." Other top searched terms included "election results," "Kobe Bryant," and "Zoom."

5. How does Google protect user privacy?

Google has various measures in place to protect user privacy, such as encryption and secure connections for data transmission, strict data retention policies, and user-controlled privacy settings. Additionally, Google has implemented privacy-focused tools and features, such as incognito mode and privacy checkups, to give users more control over their data.

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