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Some interesting Nobles you Read

  1. Jun 16, 2005 #1
    Hi Friends,,

    Basically i am new here but i am very much impressed with this Place ....Especially with lot of ppls
    Along with my academics i have pretty much become interested in Novels..
    I just finished 'Alchemist' last night in 6 hours and it was really amazing indeed...

    So i would like to hear from you some names of very amazing nobels as i take studying them as my leisure time and if i can find any interesting novel i can go continuously to finish it.....

    I am interested in basically science fictional,motivational ,indeed all kind of nobles which are heart arousing..
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    Coelho's book, La Quinta MontaƱa (The Fifth Mountain), is also interesting, and very intense.

    "The Pilgrimage" is also interesting and very surreal.
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    I also read one "Five Point Someone"
    Very funny novel
    Has any one read that?
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    Last Novel i read was "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown , i will be enjoying To Kill a Mocking Bird by Lee

    lol FPS is not internationally acclaimed
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    Very good choice.

    Kind of science fiction (it won a Hugo and a Nebula award), but very moving: Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes. (The Hugo was for the original short story - the Nebula for when Keyes expanded it into a novel.)
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    And leave us not neglect that it was turned into my second favourite movie, 'Charly', for which Cliff Roberston won the only science fiction "Best Actor" Oscar in history. (The other contender doesn't count to me because Mr. Hyde was a fantasy character as opposed to an SF one.)
  8. Jun 19, 2005 #7
    "Temple" by Matthew Reilly is a good choice for sci-fi buffs..."The Da Vinci Code" was superb too...
    but if you've just begun reading...don't miss "Sherlock Holmes". Holmes' indian counterpart "Feluda" (satyajit ray) is pretty good too...
  9. Jun 19, 2005 #8
    yup, i have read sherlock holmes and i believe only one chapter from Satyajit Ray's counterpart as my course,

    Well i also plan to read Atlas Shruged ~~ Ayn Rand
  10. Jun 19, 2005 #9
    The best for Paolo Coelho was Veronika decides to die, amazing job, also i sat by the river Piedra and cried, this guy is just great, my 1st was the alchemist also..

    I like russians, classicals, like Leo Tolstoy's war and peace, amazing work, there was the time that i really wished that this book will never end..I don't remember i've ever enjoyed reading anything that big with such an interest...Russians are quite boring in the beginning though..

    Uhumm i mostly like classics, i lvoe Hugo's les miserables and notre dame de paris, as i studied them @ school (it was a french one) and the guy gets so deep in the psychological aspect of each character..

    Virginia woolf, very smart writing, unlike classics, she's so different and uc an feel it, she ahs such a rythm..

    Moliere can be extreemly entertaining at times..

    I've read a lot of stuff, my grandma used to give me a lot of books to read but these are my favourites..
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