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Some terms in English?

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    I'm writing my CV in English right now, and because my native language is Portuguese, I got stuck on some specific terms. Two to be fair.

    1) Here in my university we have a scholarship that lasts one semester (our academic year is divided into two semesters) which is given to undergraduate students who helps other students in a given discipline, in after class hours. That is, if a student that is taking a course, say "Calculus I" has any doubts, he/she can ask help of this particular student, who has already been approved in the same course with maximum grade, and has been chosen by the professor to help others in this course. This student than receives a small scholarship for this work. Here we call "Course Monitor" on a literal translation, however it doesn't sound nice in English and Google was not able to help me. Is there anything like it?

    2) Another scholarship is what we call "Scientific Initiation", which is one given by a professor to a student that wants to enroll on research, while being an undergraduate. Then, the student will help the professor, or phd/MSc students on their research, while learning about the area and the academic world. Is there a more appropriate term for this?
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    For number one, I would suggest "course mentor".

    For number two, I think "scientific initiative" is the phrase you're looking for.
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