Sometimes, you get lucky, twice.

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    You know what they say about a broken clock...
  4. prophecy is just a lucky guess. one of the best is the one in the bible about egypt never being a great nation again. i had once thought that prophets were some how recieving messages at key times in history from the future. like us sending info back to avoid a certain doom or what not.
  5. The prophecy in Ezekiel 29 about Egypt being completely uninhabited for 40 years is indeed an excellent example of the Bible being flat wrong.
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    ...and an example of how a shrewd believer can turn being flat wrong into a successful prediction!
  7. Hold on a second.
    The Bible is a collection of writings.

    To say that all of it is wrong because there is an error in one is exactly like suggesting that an error in a modern history book automatically invalidates everything else it says.
    Or that a mistake in a math book means that the entire book has to be wrong.
    Or that a misspelling in a dictionary portends that the entire dictionary is bunk.

    That type of "error-branding" is precisely what conspiracy theorist do: They find one thing wrong and declare that all must be wrong.
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