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Songs you _Almost_ Really Like, but not Quite

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    Anyone else heard a song that you _almost_ like, but there is some aspect, which you may not be aware off, that prevents you from really liking the song? It happened to me with that song " Best Day of my Life"; it starts out great, and I really enjoy it, but at some point there is a chorus that ruins it for me. I missed liking it by just this much (minuscule amount).

    Best Day of my Life:

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    No, but I have songs I kinda, sorta like, except for that one part. You know, where they go, "Ah, ah, do dah, woah woah, yeah." Or something.
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    Not a specific song, but I feel like I should probably like U2's recent stuff more.
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    There are tons of them, which I like until I can read or otherwise understand the lyrics. It strikes me as just plain lazy and ripping off the audience when the same lyrics are repeated over and over instead of having new ones for each verse. One blatant example is Wig Wham Bam by The Sweet. I love that song as something to listen to, but the same thing is repeated 3 times. Another type is ones in which the lyrics make absolutely no sense whatsoever no matter how you try to analyze them. An example of that is "Hammerhead" by the Eurythmics.
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    I've never heard of this. And google lead nowhere. Eurythmics have a song called "Caveman Head," though. Is that what you meant?
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    I'm trying to listen to some current stuff to see if there's anything I might like, at least just little. I hate to be in the "kids today" category and possibly miss something good, at least "good" in the sense that I can actually listen to it all the way through. I did listen to this one all the way through, although the best parts (IMO) are the non musical parts.

    BTW this genre is known as pop-rap or rap-pop, or possibly hip-pop or pop-hop or something else that can't be repeated in these forums.
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    That might have been a mistake or joke made by a radio announcer. The only time that I heard it referred to by name was when it was introduced on a top-40 station. Looking it up, I see that the actual title is "Sweet Dreams". By the bye, it's also a prime example of the repetition category.
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