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Sorting items using physics?

  1. Mar 6, 2015 #1

    What is the most efficient way to theoretically store an L beam in a given area, the more beams in that area the better, obvioustly this cant be done in real life but with a physics engine could maybe be calculated?

    Note: Each beam can be at any rotation or any axis.

    The area is 21.06 cm x 7.02 cm x 7.02 cm and the dimentions of a single beam is shown below.


    Im not sure if this is a physics question, but am thinking it can be solved using physics?

    Regards, Snipe
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    Sounds to me like a math problem a la tetris.
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    I agree with phinds that this more of a math-packaging problem. A physics simulation that "shakes a box" containing these pieces doesn't seem like the most efficient way.

    PS: Is this a LEGO-Technic piece? If you are in charge of optimizing the LEGO boxes, keep in mind that they are big for marketing reasons.
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    Ok Ill ask on a maths forum


    PS yeah its technic, I have hundres of them and getting tray storage is hard for what I need
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    Vanadium 50

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    Area? Or volume?
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