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Sound Vs. Distance

  1. Sep 2, 2013 #1
    Hello Everyone,
    I have a somewhat simple question:
    Why do we hear a sound better when we're closer to the object making it?Or less when we're farther? (ie a car siren is disturbingly loud when standing next to the engine but not the same when standing like 10 feet away).
    Could it be because the farther you are, the lower the frequency? or it's not about that at all?
    Please excuse my English as well as my ignorance about the matter.
    Thank you in advance. :smile:
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    The distance does not affect the frequency. When you increase the distance from the sound source, the intensity is dropping. Intensity is power per unit area. When you are farther away, the acousting power from the source is spread over larger surface (sphere with the radius equal to your distance from the source). The acoustic power of the source is the same, but in greater distance you receive less of that power.
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    I see! Thanks Plate. :smile:
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