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Soundwaves trapped in body

  1. Apr 15, 2012 #1
    Friends of mine (so-called) were fooling around with a sound machine, a laser, an untrasound machine (didn't ask where they were acquired) and the sound seems to be trapped in my body. They "claim" they cannot get it all out, plus have shoved a minute receiver/speaker up my nose and run their tape at high speed, which hurts me terribly. They think it's funny and to make things worse, I am on prescription medication for pain and neuropathy and they somehow are able to stop it from working. I was told to tape up all the empty electrical outlets but after doing so, was told that they were only joking.

    This electrical energy which alpears to invade my body is extremely warm and I am in constant pain. My legs hurt so bad it feels like I'm carrying around a ton of bricks in each one.

    They also are using different sounds which I hear as I walk through my home, thus it's not their "invasion" of our attic (for which I cannot close off) that is causing it. I hear it even while in the stores and in my car. I also feel pressure and they say they need it to remove the sound but I always awaken to the same 'ole thing.

    How can they do this and what can I do to stop the effects it's having on my body? The Police do not believe one word but I have heard from a few others in this area of the same thing happening. Please, can someone help me return to normal?
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  3. Apr 15, 2012 #2
    There aren't any soundwaves stuck in your body, the two events are most likely unrelated. Consult your doctor about the symptoms you are having and ignore your friends!
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