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Space Genetics

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    Here is a link to weird physics theory, called "Space genetics" by some russian physiscts (Dr. Dark Energy), who has a theory in which mass "consumes" space, and radiation by stars "creates" back the space consumed by mass...creating in fact a universe in perfect equilibrium of finite size but with infinite history.


    Anyone wanting to comment on this?
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    Just be aware that as you read his theory that he is not a professional physicist and that he adheres to the static/steady state model of the universe which has been rejected by the majority of professionals.
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    He was/is a physics teacher.
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    It's not precisely a static/steady state model, at least not the based on the cosmological theory that was called "static/steady state" model. Although he clearly rejects the Big Bang model.

    But come with arguments, why is his theory wrong?
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    Good question. If I have time, I'll try to comment on it soon. Anyone else?
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    Have you actually READ the theory of space genetics?
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