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Featured B Space Stuff and Launch Info

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    Spectacular! :
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    CONFIRMED: A Huge Gravitational Wave Announcement Is About to Happen
    (From the LIGO team ...)

    "Update 27/09/17: It's happening! We have confirmation that the LIGO team will go ahead with the rumoured announcement today at 6:30pm Italian time (that's 12:30pm EST)."
    "At this stage, we're in the realm of speculation - nothing has been officially confirmed or denied. But there are pretty exciting hints out there that, for the first time, astrophysicists might have detected gravitational waves from a new source: merging neutron stars."
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    GW170814, observed by LIGO and Virgo together. Again two black holes with tens of solar masses, nothing new in that aspect. New is the accurate localization in the sky and the first measurement of the polarization (yes, spin 2 as expected) thanks to the third detector.
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    JWST got delayed (again), the planned launch is now spring 2019. Issues with the spacecraft integration according to NASA.

    Wikipedia has a list of historic planned launch dates (and cost estimates). The cost estimate stabilized, and as the spacecraft components are built the launch seems to come closer as well.
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    It will likely kill me if I die before this thing see's first light. :nb)
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    About the rumors for merging neutron stars see also the most relevant thread (by @Vanadium 50 )

    Latest post today:
    I'm watching both threads plus relative announcements. Anything you learn regarding the matter (everyone from various sources) please post in either thread or both ... (if anyone wishes to, of course)
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    NOTE ---- they should be posted in one thread ONLY .... namely the other thread

    Please don't encourage people to double post .... it's a no-no
  10. Oct 4, 2017 #390
    Of course. I don't mean an identical post. It's against the rules! (and I've read them tons of times by now)
    Link is usually fine. The reason I mentioned what I said is because cross-referencing and linking helps a lot. So let's just stick to the essence. Thanks for pointing it out and stressing it though.
    If being picky with the rules, the language and correct spelling and syntax matters too.
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    Cross-referencing helps, but one link should be sufficient - watch the dedicated thread to see new updates.

    SpaceX prepares for two rocket launches with just 2.5 days in between, Iridium satellites to polar orbits from the west coast Oct 9 12:30 UTC and SES-11 to GTO from the east coast Oct 11 ~23:30 UTC. The latter will be the third flight where a booster is reused. As it is still from pad 39, which needs about 2 months of downtime for upgrades to launch Falcon Heavy, it is very likely that this maiden flight moves to December or January.
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    That's what I did in post #388, didn't I?
    But I know what you both mean about the rest of the issue.
    What if someone (that perhaps isn't originally aware of the dedicated thread, like me at first) posts first and fast significant update news about the issue here, in this more general, but still relevant, thread? ...

    I think watching both threads (or even more relevant ones) etc. doesn't hurt. But no double-posting, I agree! ...
    Then just a link ([see or cf. ...]) or mention/quote (by someone) to the dedicated thread takes care of it.
    Am I talking correctly or not?
    (this is just an example of a situation, that could happen ..., that limits your absolute response)

    That's why I think linking etc. (e.g. in research, informing, discussing, news updates etc.) is important and useful, and certainly it doesn't hurt. It's not double-posting or spamming. In the forum we like references and links anyway. Don't we?
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    I think once the thread has been linked to from here (->post 388), further updates about this topic here are not necessary (unless they are exceptionally surprising).
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    But, also, way ahead in this thread, someone else (not having seen the way prior posts) may post an e.g. unique such update (~like you said), since this is a more general "Space&Stuff" thread. But not us that we have seen link, I agree.
  17. Oct 7, 2017 #397
    In the fall issue of Genome Mag. I read an article on the genetic aspect of the NASA twins study that mentioned the rapid lengthening and regression of the telemeres. Has anyone here read any info on this? While we are on the "Stuff" aspect, I thought I'd mention there is also an interesting interview with Jennifer Doudna on "A Crack in Creation" in that issue.
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    It's an exciting time to be around ... so please stick around! ...
    (58 is not that old anyway)
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