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Space-Time dimentions & plane of Sxistence

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    Hi guys.

    Been thinking about this for quiet a while now and I just want to see if I can get any answers to it.

    A 3D object is able to see 1,2 and 3D object right? (Within a reason, not saying we can easily see an electron)

    And we know there has to be more than 3D (excluding time for now).

    Could this mean that a 4D object is in a higher plane of existence and is able to easly see the lower planes?

    Could dimentions have anything to do with Planes of existence??

    please feel free to have your opinion
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    From what I understand, some physical theories posit the existence of more than three spatial dimensions, but it's not yet confirmed that such things really do exist. And even when such extra dimensions are posited, they are thought to be very small and "curled up," so it's not realistic to think some alien being could exist in such a space and observe us.

    So it's most probably not true in our universe that 4D spatial beings exist, but could it be the case in principle, e.g. if perhaps the structure and/or laws of nature were different? I don't see why not.

    As for "planes of existence," it depends on what you mean by that term. I don't think there would be anything terribly special about an extra spatial dimension, any more than there's anything terribly special about having three spatial dimensions instead of two.
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    Thanx for you reply :)
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