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Special font

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    How do you find the font, so that you can make a post like the one above.

    I've posted this in calculus and beyond because it concerns writing so that one can ask questions about calculus in the future.
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    That is MUCH more helpful than the old thread. Perhaps it's time to give the old thread the deep six. I kept avoiding Latex, because learning it would have taken longer for me than just liberally using parentheses to write an equation on one line (we still had clackety typewriters when I was a student, and I still can't get used to doing math on a computer instead of with pencil and paper). That tutorial is clear enough that I might be successful if I need it here, enough so to at least try.
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    Edited in accord with Redbelly's post#6

    Thanks Redbelly

    If you click on the 'New Reply' button which appears at the top of the page you will find a more advanced input box.

    To the right is a list of common symbols you can insert with a click including an integral sign and some greek letters.
    In the toolbar icon section there are two icons labelled X2 and X2 which give superscript (makes nice powers) and subscript.
    You could do all of the post mentioned with these.

    Don't simply type into the quick reply box at the bottom.

    go well
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    I presume you mean the "NEW REPLY" button. And two other ways to get to the Advanced Editor are to click on the "QUOTE" button at the bottom right of any post in the thread, or the "Go Advanced" button below the Quick Reply message box at the bottom of the thread.
    The Mentors are discussing it.
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