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Specific Heat Capacity help

  1. Oct 31, 2003 #1
    Specific Heat Capacity help!!

    This question is simple but I'm a little confused, it involves beach breezses, temperature, and convection.

    Sand on the beach get much hotter than water on sunny day so air above sand heats up and rise due to convection then cold air moves in from over water making the breeze blow TOWARDS shore right?

    But why does the beach breeze move AWAY (reverse direction) from the shore later in the evening?
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    Re: Specific Heat Capacity help!!

    Because being a good absorber of radiant heat means being a good radiator of heat. The ground cools quickly and gets cooler than the ocean. So the warmer (relatively) air over the ocean rises and the cooler air from the land moves out to replace it.
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    Thanx alot.:smile:

    BTW is this the formula for LATENT HEAT or SPECIFIC LATENT HEAT: l=Q/m
    rearanged: Q=m.l
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