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Speed of Light- Tachyons

  1. Oct 24, 2015 #1
    I had read about tachycons being faster than the speed of light and which are theoretical in that I think they have not been demonstrated empirically.
    Ok and also if they were real it brings up the paradox of essentially these particles traveling backwards in time. Such that and it sounds science fiction -esque, but some one (or yourself) could use a Tachyon phone and call you from the future...but alas, if you then knew about the future, you change it and such the paradox would exist.
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    Do you have a question? And are you sure that you want an answer using doctoral-level math?
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    Good point- this really is a more general question and I should have posed it to any and all. So the question would be if the concept of Tachyons has actually manifested in the realm of empiric data?
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    OK, I have updated the category.

    No. A couple of years ago there was a loose cable in a neutrino experiment that made it look like they were observing tachyons.
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