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Homework Help: Speed of sound wave in air

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    A sound wave produced by a smoke alarm 35.0 m away is heard 0.103 s after having been started by smoke in the air. The frequency of this sound wave is 1.02  103 Hz. Complete the following.

    a.Find the speed of this sound wave in air.

    b. Find its wavelength and period.

    The sound wave in the air, is it always going to be 341m/s if not stated because thats the average?
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    You are asked to find the speed of sound, you are given a distance and a time - so it shouldn't be too tricky
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    a. Find the speed of this sound wave in air.

    b. Find its wavelength and period.

    Wavelength=339.81m/s ÷ 1.02x103

    Hello thank you :)
    Does this look right to you?
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