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Spin angular momentum operators

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    Okay, I want to know the answer enough that I will repost the question here:

    The dipolar coupling Hamiltonian expressed in the lab frame (units of Hz) is

    [tex] H ^D_{ij} = - constants/r_{ij}^3 * I_{iz} * I_{jz} * P_2(\cos(\theta))[/tex]

    where r_ij is the internuclear distance between spins, ci and cj are the gyromagnetic ratios of spins i and j, and I_kz are spin angular momentum operators. The angular portion of the
    dipolar Hamiltonian is described using the second rank Legendre function, P_2(cos h(t)),
    which is a function of the angle h subtending the magnetic field and the ijth internuclear

    Somehow they go from that equation to the following one:

    [tex]D^{resultant}_{ij} = constants * < P_2(cos(\theta(t))/r_{ij}^3)> [/tex]
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