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Quantum Spin First Approach to Quantum Mechanics Textbook

  1. Feb 14, 2016 #1
    So far I have seen Sakurai, Townsend, Cohen Tannoudji, Feynman, and McIntyre. Are there any other books that take this approach? Just curious.
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    Schwinger too.
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    Which book by schwinger?
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    Any other?
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    George Jones

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    "Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Experiment" by Mark Beck,


    starts with light polarization, then moves on to spin, and doesn't arrive at the Schrodinger equation until chapter 9. This is the only undergrad quantum mechanics book of which I know that gives a detailed treatment of why photons are not needed to explain the photoelectric effect (probably some undergrad quantum optic texts also do this)..
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    I guess Susskind is spins first as well but somehow he does not talk about Stern Gerlach.
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    Benjamin Schumacher and Michael Westmoreland

    It starts with single-photon interferometers and spin-1/2 particles as two-level systems in chapter 2, then talk about the formalism, entanglement, correlated states, maps and measurements (density operators, CP maps and POVMs). Not until the second half of the book do they introduce infinite dimensional systems.
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