Spinning ball anomaly

  1. When just browsing around I stumbled over a claimed experiment done by Dr. Bruce DePalma where he claims he has shown that you can make a spinning ball travel higher and fall faster then a non rotating ball. He claims this has no explanation in newtonian physics.


    Its this pure crackpottery?? This DePalma guy also has some rather fishy project like a "free energy" device using some kind of rotating magnet:confused:
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    Sounds more like a con than a crackpot. I would forget about it.
  4. Dr. Bruce DePalma went to MIT and Harvard. If a thousand years ago you told someone the earth was round they would probably call you an idiot. Now look where we are, the idea of physics could change so much in the next 1000 years that i wouldn't count out any crazy idea.
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    Science didn't exist 1000 years ago, so that analogy is flawed. And this thread is 3 years old.
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