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Spontaneous fission condition of the nucleus

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    As we know the spontaneous fission of an odd nucleus to an 2 odd nuclei happens with high probability when (Z^2)/A is greater than or equals 45

    The conclusion of this is attached in pdf file with the post using the liquid drop nucleus model to explain the problem

    The question is here now, What the condition Will be if the fission is from even-even to 2 nucleus odd-odd?

    this is different than the previous situation because here appears the term "delta" in Weizsäcker formula of binding energy (Weizsäcker formula is attached in the pdf), which have a value when the nucleus is even-even or odd-odd... this term isn't linear and is proportional with the term A^(-3/4) where A is the atomic mass...

    How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks you, If what I've written isn't clear please let me know i've got examination on next sunday and need a solution for this...


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    Very funny, Since I entered this forum I wanted to be answered for some real difficult question... but seems all members of this forum is students,

    Isn't there PROFESSORS TO ANSWER ME??????????????????????????
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    Why dont you ask your professor? ;)

    I would help you if you showed some work so I see were you are stucked. i.e you write down the equation/expression you want to solve.

    Your question is "how to do a similar solution including the paring term" right?
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    Dear please, I wrote the part of the odd equations, and I specified that the difference for even is only when adding the "delta" term, then we'll not be able to solve for Z^2/A as I did in odd part

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    To get to the final expression, it takes a very long time. Why dont you provide us with the exact equation you want to solve?
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