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Spray Nozzles used in the mining processes industry

  1. Apr 15, 2014 #1
    I'm testing various nozzles with orifice sizes from 5mm to 40mm. The feed water comes from a hopper that is open to atmosphere into a pump. The pump has a flowmeter at the outlet. Then a pipe feeds the pumped water to the nozzle rig. The nozzle is spraying down onto screen filters. In terms of Bernoulli's theorem,

    [itex]\frac{P_{1}}{ρg}[/itex]+[itex]\frac{V_{1}^{2}}{2g}[/itex]+Z1 = [itex]\frac{P_{2}}{ρg}[/itex]+[itex]\frac{V_{2}^{2}}{2g}[/itex]+Z2

    is P2 atmospheric pressure or how would I measure this?
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    It would help if you could post a simple diagram of your test setup showing what you are trying to measure.
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    Here is the simple diagram. So we have a pressure reading at the gauge, which is the reading for the larger pipe in which the nozzle screws into. I'm trying to calculate a coefficient of discharge, so can it be said that our pressure at the nozzle will be atmospheric pressure as it is discharging onto a open screen? I do not agree that it is but another engineer thinks this is correct.

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