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Spray-on glass

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    On the company's website it states;

    Certificates and expert’s reports by accredited independent institutes and labs have documented the following properties:
    * Physiological harmless
    * Food safe
    * Compatible with skin and mucosa
    * Free of nano particles
    * Environmentally friendly

    http://www.nanopool.eu/couk/ultra_duenn.htm [Broken]

    So what do you guys think, is this a load of bollocks? Or is it entirely plausible and will likely become a revolutionary product?

    Also what would happen if you people started spraying it on food and fruit. Would you wear the enamel on your teeth away faster? What would happen if it got into your lungs? Could it crystallise and turn into nano shards like asbestos?


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    Definitely an interesting product if the claims are true.
    Should be available for purchase/testing soon.
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    Doug Huffman

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    SiO2, except for inhalation, is innocuous. Inhaled, it causes silicosis. It is a component of the mineral asbestos that is particularly hazardous for various mechanical properties.

    I can imagine flakes of this glass coating having similar mechanical properties to asbestos.

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