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Spring Design :How to achive a given spring constant k

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    Dear experts,

    I would like to know the formula to achive a given spring constant
    for example 10.90 N/m. or is there any url where I can
    get the source code, which can take the spring constant
    as input and provide the different options/ parameters
    to achive the same. Please execuse me if, it is a very basic question.

    Many Thanks in advance!!

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    By "formula" do you mean a recipe for making such a spring?

    Or are you asking for a mathematical formula for relating force to displacement through a spring constant, e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooke%27s_law" [Broken]?
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    Sir, Thanks a lot for the responce. I understood that

    spring constant k = (Gd4)/(8D3 na)

    and where G is found from the material's elastic modulus E and Poisson ratio v,

    G = E/2(1+v)

    and can you please advice where I can get the E and v values of materials and where I can find more details in this reagrd.

    If I want to acheive the G some 81400 N/mm2, which is the best meterial to opt to design my spring. or is that I need to option for combination of certail meterial.

    Many Thanks
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